The agriturismo La Malcontenta e il Lupo presents an exhibition of paintings by Manlio Ortolani and Marco Ortolani. The paintings are placed in the various rooms of the house, creating visual stories that complement the atmosphere of the rooms.


The collections of oils on canvas and on wood are expressed with interior visions of landscapes, animals and flora, reinterpreted by material brushstrokes and chiaroscuro that sometimes bridge into a surreal world with contrasting characters.

Some of the works on display are for sale, others can be specially created.

At La Malcontenta e il Lupo, art complements the dialogue with the environment and the Natural Sciences. Nature and art complement each other, the latter often becoming an expression of the former, but never replacing it. The opposite never happens: at Malcontenta and Il Lupo, nature is never forced into its forms to become aesthetic, nature is not domesticated, the landscape always remains as free as possible, and a little 'wild'. There are no gardens, there is nature for what it really is. Here, an attempt is made to preserve its essence as scientifically as possible, without, in fact, distorting it. Ecosystems, biodiversity, take precedence here, and art crowns them, honouring them.

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