A project to promote a responsible relationship
with nature and the territory

The Project

Ape in Oasi

In the WWF Oasis La Malcontenta e il Lupo

we immerse ourselves in nature with complete respect for the environment and the wildlife that inhabits it. The insects we may encounter are valuable for the functioning of the ecosystem. 

The animals are not disturbed. Knowing that they are present, there, at our doorstep, even if we do not see them, makes us more aware and richer.

Pets cannot be brought in for scientific reasons and so as not to create conflict with the wildlife, which is very sensitive to any kind of solicitation from "newcomers" to its territory.
La Malcontenta e il Lupo is about respect and Nature, to regenerate oneself and one's spirit. Knowing the environment leads to knowing oneself. La Malcontenta e il Lupo promotes research and experiences based on listening to oneself and one's surroundings.

We value silence and the uncultivated grass where life can develop and nature replenish itself. We value the light of the night, which is not artificial light. We value the stars, the sounds of plants and shrubs not domesticated by man. We value the voices of animals, the crunching of their cautious and curious steps.

We value the life that is a life of listening.

We value the relationship that is born between different species, like that between a crow and a wolf (our logo).

We value what is different, which in the natural environment translates into strength and possibility.



La Malcontenta e il Lupo is becoming completely energy self-sufficient. The path we are taking will lead us to be totally disconnected from the grid. The off-grid photovoltaic system will allow the facilities to be totally self-sufficient. All the electricity supplied to La Malcontenta e il Lupo comes from renewable sources. 

The canopies on which the photovoltaic system is installed have a minimal environmental impact. They are visually integrated into the surroundings and are fixed to the ground without the use of concrete. Each wooden pole is anchored to the ground with steel screws. There was therefore no need for excavators and the ground on which they are installed has not been changed. If they were to be removed, they would leave practically no trace. 

La Malcontenta e il Lupo promotes a conscious use of energy resources. Being off-grid means being careful about consumption, knowing that the energy supply may not be infinite. We therefore try to help people who stay to make their own choices consciously so as not to run out of available resources, giving them the support they need so that they do not find themselves in difficulty.

Green building

The cottages are renovated using green building systems, always trying to use natural materials, eliminating toxic substances. The Oasis has also chosen to return to the use of lime, applying new solutions such as the use of hemp.

Staying at the WWF La Malcontenta e il Lupo Oasis will therefore also allow you to learn about innovative building techniques, and to immerse yourself in traditional building methods.

La Malcontenta e il Lupo is Culture and Nature, traditional cottages, a suspension of Time, protected by the Wild Environment.