WWF Oasis


The WWF Affiliated Oasis
La Malcontenta e il Lupo

The WWF Affiliated Oasis La Malcontenta e il Lupo, makes the protection of biodiversity one of its main missions. The conservation of ecosystems is the basis of all its activities. The organic agricultural production of the farm, which is located in the protected area, fits into the context by taking advantage of the naturalness of the area and not imposing itself on it. The woods are left to their natural evolution. Accommodation is provided in structures restored with natural and traditional materials, also aiming at total energy independence. One of the company's fundamental objectives is to promote and spread knowledge of Natural Sciences through scientific research to be carried out in the protected area, conferences and meetings for technical personnel and to bring the population closer to environmental issues.

The WWF Oases

The WWF Oases play the role of conservation and awareness-raising, in the Oases creative and didactic moments are offered, scientific research and experimentation is carried out.

Courses and Masterclasses