The depths of nature

Introduction to speleology

The masterclass

On the occasion of the WWF Oasis Days, on 21 May 2023, the masterclass The Depths of Nature. Introduction to Speleology will be held. The masterclass aims to take us on a journey through those areas of nature that are not visible. The environment, nature, biodiversity, are everywhere, microscopic or macroscopic, sometimes, as in this case, underground. Very often we do not realise what is close to us, the immensity and diversity of life that we find everywhere. We are immersed in this teeming diversity, it is just a matter of observing it. In some cases, we find it right under our feet: all it takes is a crack, a crevice, a hole in the rock and a world opens up from there. An unsuspected fracture in the earth that we may encounter on our walk can actually be the narrow entrance to an underground world. We will dive as if into the abysses of the sea to begin this discovery: deep nature, underground nature, rocks, fauna, sounds, equipment, techniques. The fundamentals of speleology will be illustrated by an experienced speleologist, Carlo Zoccoli. A master of underground climbing and exploration, he knows much of this territory, and will therefore accompany us on an initial approach to cave research and study

The masterclass will last 2 hours and will be held indoors. There will be image and sound projections and some caving equipment will be shown and their operation explained.

An aperitif with local products will be offered to participants at the end of the event.

  • The masterclass is limited to a maximum of 15 participants.
  • To participate, it is necessary to book using the form on this page.
  • Access to the building where the course will be held requires stairs.
  • In the entire nature reserve area it is not possible to introduce dogs (even on a leash) or other pets.
  • When: 21 May 2023, from 4.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.
  • Where: WWF Affiliated Oasis La Malcontenta and the Wolf. Asproli, Todi (Pg).
  • Free event.

Carlo Zoccoli

Carlo Zoccoli, speleologist, is the president of the Gruppo Speleologico Todi. After high school studies in history and art, he attended the experimental course for the restoration and conservation of cultural heritage at the ICR (Central Institute for Restoration).
In 2003, he founded INTRAGEO, a service company for archaeology, participating in countless projects, carrying out research, archaeological expeditions, museum activities and emergency interventions, in Italy and abroad. He is currently Director of the Ethnographic Collection "Gerardo Bamonte" of the Centro Studi Americanistici in Perugia.

Masterclass topics

What is speleology.

How to become a speleologist.

origin and development of caves.
one of the most extraordinary and unknown biodiversity worlds on our planet.
Ancient man and the cave.

A prehistoric cave in the Forello Gorges:
the Pozzi della Piana.
The last frontier of terrestrial exploration:
from discovery to exploration of caves, the methods, equipment and techniques of yesterday and today.


Oasi Affiliata WWF La Malcontenta e il Lupo


Todi (Pg)




Le profondità della natura. Introduzione alla speleologia. gratis

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