Truffle Hunting in the WWF Oasis

If nature is protected and respected, it can grow valuable things

The truffle is not only good to eat, it is also important on an ecosystem level, it is a mysterious world to discover, both for the palate and for the Natural Sciences.

Enter this adventure with us

A dog, a truffle hunter and the wilderness.

You can savour the noises, sounds and smells of the environment, the excitement of the dog, ready to search. Everything happens in silence, “in secret”, you walk quietly, so as not to be seen, not to disturb the wildlife, not to attract the attention of other people. This is how truffle hunting is, one of the few activities that are still connected to mystery, adventure and exploration.

The truffle is a jewel full of mystery

a fascinating life form that still harbours many secrets, not least from a biological point of view. Its life and development are in part still to be discovered, the properties of its constituent elements are yet to be investigated, and the relationships it develops with other life forms are of absolute scientific interest.

The truffle does not grow and develop if nature is tampered with by man, it does not grow with fertilisers and pesticides, it dies. The truffle does not grow if you cut down the plants, the truffle is the emblem of nature rebelling against man's arrogance and instead bursting with life when everything is in its place, when every form of life communicates, and things are respected.

Wildlife supports the truffle, helps it to spread, every animal that feeds on it, from wild boars to mice, snails to every other, only spreads it. The truffle attracts animals to move, with its scent it sends out a call of love.

The truffle, Tuber aestivum Vittad., Tuber borchii Vitt., Tuber brumale Vittad., Tuber melanosporum Vittad., (as well as all other species, including those that are not edible, but are of high naturalistic interest), binds its life to the roots of plants, and not just the largest and best known plants, not just oaks. The truffle communicates silently.

The truffle is not simply good, the truffle is science, the truffle is research, the truffle is nature, the truffle is Magic.


This excursion is the only occasion on which you will see a dog in the Oasis, in fact Maga is a dog specialised in searching for truffles, does not harm wildlife and is constantly monitored during her journey through the reserve.

Apart from her, no other pets are allowed, for the reasons we have already explained in various parts of this website.

On this excursion you will discover

the life of the truffle, its biology, search techniques, the characteristics of a natural and a cultivated truffle grove. You will learn how to create a cultivated truffle grove. You will be given information on how to clean, store, prepare and cook a truffle.

You will receive some of the truffles you have found as gifts.

The excursion is exclusive

because it allows access to a limited number of people, from a minimum of two to a maximum of five. In fact, we are moving into a protected area, a WWF Oasis dedicated to nature conservation.

The WWF Oasis La Malcontenta e il Lupo hides numerous secrets within it, the truffle is one of them, and it is also science as well as taste, and you will have the opportunity to get to know and touch it.

What is included

€ 100/person

  • Truffle hunter with truffle dog
  • Truffle hunting activities
  • Guided hike to the truffle ground
  • Walking lesson on truffle biology, natural truffle areas, cultivated truffle areas, trained dog, information on the protected environment of the WWF Oasis
  • Gift of some freshly harvested truffles during the hunt

Additional Information

  • Payment and registration online before the day of arrival. When registering, you will have to sign and e-mail the registration form with a waiver.
  • In case of bad weather the fee will be refunded or, if you prefer, another day can be arranged.

Additional Information

  • Where: WWF Oasis La Malcontenta e il Lupo
  • Trail not suitable for children
  • Number of participants: Minimum 2 Maximum 5
  • Departure time: 08:30 A.M.
  • Pets not allowed
  • Languages spoken: Italian, English


La Malcontenta E IL LUPO is the second WWF Oasis in the Umbria Region
One enters an Oasis that is mainly dedicated to scientific research and conservation, so normally it is not possible to enter
When you do enter, as on these occasions, groups are always very small, maximum 5 people
It is the first WWF Oasis with a focus on truffles as a biological species of outstanding natural interest

Height difference: 90 m - Length: 1.2 km - Duration: 2 hours - Difficulty: medium-easy


Hiking boots, rain jacket, comfortable and practical clothing, water bottle, rucksack, hat, sunglasses and protective sun cream.


The meeting point is the WWF Oasis La Malcontenta e il Lupo, in the hamlet of Asproli.

From here we will begin the hike that will lead us to the truffle ground. This is a route where you can find tall grass and during which you will cross parts of the forest. The route is approximately 600 metres long to go and 600 metres long to return, with steep slopes in places.
After the walking route, you will arrive at the truffle ground, where you will stop for about one hour for the actual truffle search.

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For those coming from the North or South, take the Ponterio exit of the E-45 state road and then continue towards Orvieto (SS448), and turn following the signs for Porchiano - Asproli.

If your navigator tries to make you turn onto gravel or dirt roads, do not take them. Always follow only the main tarmac road and the road signs indicating Porchiano and Asproli.

La Malcontenta e il Lupo is located just after the church in the village of Asproli. As soon as you pass the church, the road begins to descend. Drive down it for 125 metres and you will see the sign for La Malcontenta e il Lupo on the left. You have arrived.
Contact us if you have any doubts or for directions.


Caccia al Tartufo in Oasi, Truffle Hunting in the Oasis €100.00

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